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Half Moon Party
28 March 2015
Jungle Experience
02 April 2015
Full Moon Party
03 April 2015
Half Moon Party
12 April 2015
Black Moon Party
20 April 2015
Jungle Experience
22 April 2015
Half Moon Party
26 April 2015
  Black Moon Party - Party Guide
The original 'Black Moon Culture' party is another of the island's outdoor events located at Mac bay Resort on a Beach in Ban Tai with flourescent decorations with resident DJs playing progressive beats and underground trance.
Historically, this party was not as popular as FMP or 1/2MP as it was deemed not to be as professionally set up as the others. However, many things have changed, progressed and been upgraded at BMP so it's definately worth a visit!
Again, many people say they prefer it than the FMP as there are normally less people giving it a more friendly vibe.
The Black Moon Party has only one DJ deck but as its on the beach you can always go for a swim if you don't like the tunes!

New by laws regarding noise and disturbance have come into effect on Koh Phangan due to the growing number of parties located close to domestic areas. The Police and local officials have set new rules for closing times of many of the parties and The Black Moon party may be forced to close it's party early, so if you want a long night to enjoy yourself then maybe arrive a little earlier than planned.

If you are staying in Haadrin, then you will need to grab a taxi to get to Half Moon as its located about 8KM away in Ban Tai but there are taxi's running to and from the party all night long!
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  Black Moon Party Dates
2015 Schedule
Monday 20 April 2015
Tuesday 19 May 2015
Thursday 18 June 2015
Saturday 18 July 2015
Sunday 16 August 2015
Tuesday 15 September 2015
Thursday 15 October 2015
Sunday 15 November 2015
Tuesday 15 December 2015

2016 Schedule
Wednesday 13 January 2016
Friday 12 February 2016

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Full Moon Party
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Half Moon Party
Half Moon Packages
Black Moon Party
Black Moon Packages
Jungle Experience
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Drop In Sunrise Hotel
The ultimate party zone! Regular pool parties and promotions from the now famous Drop In Club Bar crew.
5% Discount!
Price from 500 THB

Family House
On sunset beach - just 5 minutes walk to the Full Moon Party - affordable and perfect for groups that want to stay together.
Price from 600 THB

Leela Beach Bungalows
On the popular Haad Seekantang only a few minutes walk over the hillside to the famous Full Moon Party beach.
Price from 900 THB

Paradise Bungalows
The original Full Moon Party bungalows - the place where it all started - you don't get any closer to the action that here.
Price from 1100 THB

Sojourn Villas
Sojourn Villas is a private villa rental with hotel service designed to extenuate a comfortable and luxurious stay in Haad Rin.
15% Discount!
Price from 1500 THB

Starlight Haadrin Resort
A family run bungalow on the peaceful sunset side of Haad Rin village. Only 10 minutes walk to the Full Moon Party.
Price from 700 THB