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  Full Moon Party - Party Guide
The Full Moon Party in Haadrin has now grown into the world's largest beach festival attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world every month!

Join thousands of fellow partygoers on the white sandy beaches of Haadrin and dance the night away on this beautiful island.
Our Moon Party Packages have been designed to provide the best experience of Koh Phangan and its world famous parties. Choose from one of our many options and experience all that the island has to offer from day trips through the jungle and hidden beaches to scuba diving courses at local dive sights or the incredible Sail Rock!

All of our packages include accommodation at one of the best party hostels in Haadrin so you are guaranteed to be in the heart of the action.
Be sure to also check our blog for helpful tips on how to survive the madness of the Full Moon Party!

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  Full Moon Party Dates
Wednesday 30 May 2018
Wednesday 27 June 2018
Sunday 29 July 2018
Sunday 26 August 2018
Monday 24 September 2018
Thursday 25 October 2018
Thursday 22 November 2018
Saturday 22 December 2018
Tuesday 25 December 2018
Monday 31 December 2018
Monday 21 January 2019
Wednesday 20 February 2019
Wednesday 20 March 2019
Friday 19 April 2019
Sunday 19 May 2019
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Sound System on The Beach
The Rock
Located next to Paradise on the hill at the furthest southern point on a rock! Whilst you dance to the funky tunes you can get great views across Haad-rin beach!
Paradise Bungalows
This is where it all started over two decades ago! The main Paradise Arena at the far South end of the beach pumps out the beats. There are various international guest DJs playing various genres of dance orientated music.
Drop In Bar
Located at the bottom of Seagarden Soi access road down to the beach (Backpackers Information Centre is located at top of the road opposite the Large Colourful Sea Garden Archway). Drop-in Club is very popular as it bangs out radio friendly tunes everyone knows and you can stand upstairs on the balcony for great views of the party!
Zoom Bar
Recently closed, but in 2013 being taken over by the crew at the Drop In bar - next door to Drop In at the bottom of Soi Seagarden on the beach.
Located virtually in the middle of the beach playing more 'middle of the road' type radio friendly tunes. This bar and Drop-In Bar are the two most popular on the beach.
Hansa Arena
This open area next to Zoom used to be the old Vinyl Club. The area has been cleared and fluorescent stages similar to the Half Moon Party are erected every full moon and it's dancing under the moonlight to their eclectic beats.
The best Drum & bass on the island with many foreign DJ's such as Joe Serious pumping out his tunes with the odd volunteer MC getting on the microphone to toast over the tunes. This is the happening place to be for those looking for non-commercial tunes with rockin' DJ's!
Located up the top end of the beach and the trance experience is to be found here with its day-glo decorations!
Full Moon Warm Up Parties
Pirates Bar & Guesthouse Soi Ton Son Haadrin Block Party
This place is just 30 meters from the Full Moon Party beach and the half Thai/Scandinavian owners really make this place rock around Full moon week with a great atmosphere each night after the sun goes down!

For some of the best and cheapest Strawberry Dakiri buckets and with their policy of only good real alcohol this is one of the best places to buy your alcohol buckets!!

A couple of days before and on Full Moon night they close the Soi (street) Ton Son and Pirates Bar and all the local bars on the street link their sound systems together to make the one and only Block Party on Koh Phangan! It's a blast with everyone dancing on the street and all sorts of street bars and street food stalls appearing through the evening for you to enjoy a few drinks, good food and dancing the night away to music pumping from the linked up street sound system.

This is the pre-party place to be!

Outback Bar
This Australian/Irish themed bar is located just before the Warm Up Bar and close to the pier. A place to hang out, meet your mates and relax before heading to the Full Moon Party beach to party.
Reggae House
The name says it all! A great chilled out atmosphere!

Full Moon After Parties
Backyard Bar
This is where all those 24 hour party people head off to once the sun rises after Full Moon! The Backyard Party starts kicking after breakfast the morning after the full moon party and is a must if you want to experience the Sunrise to its full!
Baan Sabai
Baan Sabai After Hour Party directly in Baan Tai village! After EVERY FMP, Half Moon, Black Moon or Jungle Moon Party the After Hour Chill Out Party takes place.