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  Backpackers Thailand - Terms & Conditions is an online booking agent and cannot accept any liability or give refunds on behalf of the activity providers or operators unless stated on the activity cancellation policy.

We work with professional partners as best we can, however the following items are outside of our control and responsibility and cannot accept any liability on the following:


Backpackers Thailand
Terms & Conditions
  • Schedules, activities and listed times can be subject to change
  • Contents of the trips/tours/courses/group tours/party packages/internships may change without prior notice and activities, food, rooms & facilities provided may be subject to change, removal or alteration. Backpackers Thailand is not responsible for any changes to any programs or prices detailed on the Backpackers Thailand website.
  • Accommodation & its facilities booked as part of an inclusive tour/course is the responsibility of the trip provider and may be changed without prior notice.
  • We cannot guarantee pickups and drop offs, nor any meeting, waiting, collection or drop off times and accept no responsibility for delays.
  • For pickups & connections meet at the arranged place ten minutes early and do not wait in your hotel room (they will not come to you room). Pickups are sometimes late so do not leave the pickup agreed place. If the pickup does not arrive within twenty minutes of your agreed time then call the supplier numbers given on your booking receipt.
  • If you have missed your pickup or connection, or it has left without you it is your responsibility and refunds can not be provided.
  • We advise you take out travel insurance to cover the activities and cannot be held responsible for any accidents, personal possessions or valuables
  • Your personal safety is your own responsibility - wear appropriate clothing, sun protection & footwear and follow the guides, their advice and ask questions if you are unsure.
  • Should you decide to undertake activities where equipment is not insured such as ATV's we cannot accept any liability or get involved in any financial discrepancies or negotiations
  • We cannot guarantee the level of service provided by our suppliers nor the quality of the activity or the maintenance or type of transport & equipment.
  • For water sports activities it is your responsibility to inform the company if you are not a good swimmer and request appropriate buoyancy devices prior to the activity
  • For all activities we cannot guarantee good weather conditions, nor water visibility for water sports, river conditions for rafting, wind conditions for kite boarding, wave height and ocean swell for boat activities and accept no liability for this and refunds can not be given.
  • For water sports, boats and transport activities, it is your responsibility to take appropriate medication for motion sickness
  • For snorkeling activities foot fins are often not provided due to marine park rules
  • On fishing trips you are not guaranteed to catch fish
  • Elephant rides are undertaken on a seat on the elephants back assisted with a manhoot sitting on the elephant's neck and normally the feeding of elephants is an extra charge.
  • Waterfalls are seasonal and water swimming holes and flowing waterfalls cannot be guaranteed
  • For scuba diving, Prior to booking please print and fill in the following document to make sure you are fit to dive as refunds are not given for health conditions once you arrive at the dive centre:
    Print this link:
    If you have any previous or current health conditions such as asthma, wheezing, respiratory conditions, fainting, organ problems, pregnancy, major operations (see detailed list on PADI medical form via link given) you should visit a hyperbaric dive doctor to get a dive doctors certificate allowing you to dive prior to starting your dive course! A standard doctors certificate may not be accepted (depending on the health condition) and it must state that you are fit for scuba diving without any limitations.
  • For certified divers you must bring your ID card & dive log book. If you cannot provide these then inform us prior to or when booking. If your certification is PADI or SSI then an online certification search may be undertaken. For any other institute such as CMAS, BSAC etc. you must bring proof of your certification. If you cannot dive due to this, we accept no responsibility as refunds cannot be provided
  • If you cannot complete trips/tours/courses/group tours/party packages/internships for whatever reason we cannot accept any liability as refunds are not provided.
  • If you cannot complete a course or internship for whatever reason we cannot accept any liability as refunds are not provided.
  • We cannot accept liability for sickness, illnesses, accidents, personal problems, injury or death and refunds will not be provided.
  • Please check all details on your booking that you send to or receive from as we cannot be held responsible after you have made the booking and also received the booking receipt and refunds can not be given.
  • Some photos are non representative of the provider or tour and are used for pure graphical enjoyment.